What We Do

We are excited to share our new project.  www.llbids.com. This is an auction based site for anyone to use to sell New and Used items.  Being in the business of selling online,  I know first hand how frustrating and expensive the other platforms can get, with little or no success.  I designed this to be very simple to use.  Basically list an item, and hopefully find a lot of interest and a buyer quickly, easily, and not have to pay a bunch of fees.  It also gives new smaller businesses a chance to sell the products on a big platform without the hassles.  Building it as an auction type site, you will be able to know that your Items are actually  being seen, and be able gauge the demand and price of the product you’re selling.  Some of the people I figured it would be great for, the 3-D printer hobbyist, Used parts sellers, The custom painters and builders, pretty much any type of product will work. This is a great chance to make a few bucks, and along the way showcase your products in the Category that fits, with Buyers looking for your specific type of products.   We are designing it for many types of interest categories,  Power sports, R/C, Hunting equipment, Including Guns, Ammo, and Archery Equipment, and much more.  


Basically it works like this:

You build a listing and post.  You pay only a small listing fee which varies for some Categories. 

Example:            -Radio Control Parts and Accessories = $1 Listing Fee

- Used Power Sport Vehicles + $4 Listing Fee

The team at LLbids.com will review your listing, fix any issues with your post and then approve it.

That’s it.  You can choose a 1-7 day auction, or just add a “Buy it Now”. tab.  You can include your own contact info in the listing, that way you can answer questions, set up shipping, or maybe discuss the other items or services you may have for sale.  After the Auction ends, you will receive an email with the buyers contact info and then you complete the deal between each other.  No Final Value fees, No Payment Processing fees,  No Membership or expensive App Fees or high shipping fees.  Just a simple transaction.  One of the best features is you can make a listing, simply copy the post URL link and share it with other Pages or Groups that will allow it.  This will give you extra exposure in the industry that you are Targeting.


This is a work in process and I believe it will grow quickly.  I anticipate a couple hurdles along the way.  So for the Launch of this, I will offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you try posting and it doesn't seem to work for you,  I will refund any of all the listing fees That you have an issue with, or you’re not happy with.  


www.Llbids.com is basically a site to help make introductions, and assist with the bidding process.  It's a Win, Win for all parties 


I believe this can be a great tool for small businesses to market products, However Please be cautious about online scams and criminal activity.  LLbids.com is only a Marketing tool and has no responsibility for the actions of the buyers or sellers.  We will monitor all activities and Ban any buyers or sellers that act outside of our Terms of Service.


Follow us on our Facebook page @llbids and I will Update New features and also be able to answer any questions and concerns you have.


Happy Thanksgiving!  While you’re on the couch watching football.  Sign up and list a few things for sale!