Terms and conditions

1)All sales are the responsibility of the listed seller.  llbids.com has no Affiliation with sellers.  LLbids.com is just an online platform used for Marketing and Networking purposes.

2)Gun Sales and Transactions are to be carried out according to all Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations.

3)Shipping, Pickup and Delivery is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller after the Auction ends.  LLbids has no responsibilities for shipping or any shipping issues.

4)LLbids.com is a Sales Platform only and is not responsible in any way for the condition, or availability of the product.

 5)There will be zero tolerance for Racially or Hate motivated listings.

6)There will be no political or sexually motivated listings allowed in any Catagory.

7)Aftersale Payments are between the buyer and seller.  LLbids.com does not have any responsibilities after the auction is complete.

8) Winning bidders are responsible for following through with the transactions till completion.  Failure to do so may result in immediate suspension of your account.

9)LLbids.com Reserves the right to refuse our services to any person, organization, business and/or Company at any time for any reason.

10)Seller Reserves the right to end his listing or auction for any reason.

11) LLbids.com Is not responsible for any Fraud or criminal activity of a Seller or Buyer.  During and after the Auction listing is posted by a Seller.

12) Shipping quotes in the listings are just quotes.  Actual shipping cost will have to be agreed on between the Buyer and seller.